Hadeed Pourshafighi is a professional musician and music producer from the Gold Coast. His musical education is well developed, having received his Bachelor of Popular Music in 2010 from the Queensland Conservatorium. Hadeed has worked in many differing fields of music such as teaching/coaching, production, and session musician work. The way he utilises experimental techniques, and never confines himself by orthodox techniques gives him a unique angle that helps push through the platitude of an oversaturated music industry.

As a musician, Hadeed's focus is on the guitar and voice, having studied his vocal AMEB grades with Roslyn Dunbar-Wells. Performing music in his teenage years, he has done the rounds in the South East Queensland music scene. As a producer, creativity and confidence is what draws musicians to him to bring life to their music. He has been lectured and gained experience from producers such as Brendan Anthony, Geoff McGahan, and Guy Cooper. Hadeed also has radio experience, having undertaken a short internship at Radio Metro on the Gold Coast. He has collaborated and worked with several well seasoned musicians such as Cody Butler, Joel Brigginshaw, and Jayden Courts.

Hadeed has produced and composed tracks in genres such as modern rock, folk music, electronica, and many more. As well as being a musician, Hadeed is also an avid graphic designer, holds a post-graduate diploma in teaching (2012) and gained his Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment (Animation) from QANTM College in 2007.